Story Alignment FAQ w/Claire Taylor

Q: I'm just starting out and I've never completed a novel. Is the Story Alignment right for me?

If you're still familiarizing yourself with basic elements of storytelling, there are much more effective ways to spend your money. An hour isn't enough time to teach elements of storytelling and provide tailored feedback. The last thing I want is for someone to feel like they didn't get their money's worth.

For those starting out in the craft, I check out our Story Tips. They're free and will help you play around with your story until you get a better feel for it.

I also offer developmental editing, which is great for those starting out on this journey.

Q: What if we finish our call and I still don't have a workable solution to my story woes?

It's unlikely that will happen, but if it does and it's any bit my doing, I'm happy to continue the conversation as time allows or schedule a second call. 

Q: I'm an international bestselling author and my story needs an alignment. Why are you the person for the job?

You've read all the writing books before, but you don't have time to go back through them and get the refresher you need to find a workable solution that feels right. I've read those books before, too, and I've used that knowledge to help countless other authors hurdle the obstacles you're facing. Besides my extensive editing and workshopping background, I'm the person for the job because I spend ninety percent of my waking hours writing, thinking about writing, talking about writing, dissecting movies and TV shows, reading both fiction and nonfiction, and, of course, talking about books. I live and breathe this storytelling thing. If you do, too, great! We're on the same page and we can skip straight to the good stuff. That will ensure that our call is a practical use of your time and money, and quickly moves you beyond whatever is tripping up your narrative.

Q: The first call was a success, and I'd like to schedule a follow-up call for the same story. How do I go about that? 

Just send me an email to let me know, and I'm happy to discuss a discounted rate since I'll already be familiar with your story. 

Q: Do you offer bulk packages?

Yep. If you're that serious about exploring you story, send me an email ASAP with the subject line Hello from your new best friend. And if you're a small publisher interested in contracting my services, hit the Pitch Us button on the menu bar and drop me a line.