Story comes first, but humor is a damn close second.


Claire Taylor
Owner | FFS Media


Claire Taylor is the founder and owner of FFS Media.
She also leads the Story Alignment services offered by FFS Media.

With over a dozen top-selling humor novels published (and many more on the way), she can write the crap out of a funny book. And she can help you bring out the humor in your story, too, without sacrificing a compelling narrative or strong character development.

After graduating summa cum laude from Texas State University with her BA in English, Claire went on to tutor and teach middle school and high school across multiple subjects, specializing in filmmaking and literature.

She has professionally edited 200+ fiction manuscripts, with experience in every stage of the editing process from outline evaluation to proofreading. Her passion lies in telling a story that sticks with readers long after they finish the last page, and she loves helping others achieve that goal.

Claire will never not laugh at a perfectly timed "that's what she said." Do it just right, and you might even earn yourself a high-five. (That's what she said.)

She currently lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and dogs. She’s an avid reader across many genres but actively avoids things written by David Foster Wallace.

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