Recommended writing resources

While FFS Media offers the Story Alignment service to help authors with overcome the occasional block, we also suggest you check out these great resources that will help you understand the building blocks of story, in general, before we dive deep with the specifics of yours. 

Below are links to our favorites, so you can get started with a little independent study.

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Draft Time (Novel in a year, book 2)

If you're working on your first or second novel, the process can be a bit daunting, especially when you hear about people who write a book a month. The Novel in a Year series is fantastic because it breaks down the process into bite-size morsels you can tackle while maintaining your busy schedule. 

The whole series is great, but if you've already dived into the drafting process, this is a great book to checkout. 

Full disclosure: Alyssa is a friend of mine, but her books speak for themselves, regardless.


The Anatomy of a Story

There are all kinds of books that will tell you how a story should be structured, and those are immensely helpful for writers starting their journey. The question then becomes, how do I make the three act structure pull a reader in? What exactly should happen between the inciting incident and the climax?

This book helps you ask the right questions to find just the answers your looking for. There is no recommendation too glowing for John Truby's insight. 


Creating Character Arcs

Once you know the main components of storytelling, how do you not only blend them together, but in doing so make the result greater than the sum of its parts? 

K. M. Weiland offers simple solutions (and an accompanying workbook!) to help you weave a compelling yarn.