FFS Media books coming in 2019

(All schedule dates are subject to change - books may be added, subtracted, or rescheduled)
(Short stories are not included in the list)

Nova Nelson

Eastwind Witches novella - January

Eastwind Witches 10 - February

Secret Eastwind project #1 - April

Eastwind Witches 11 - June

Secret Eastwind project #2 - August

Secret Eastwind project #3 - October

Nova Nelson on Amazon

Brock Bloodworth

Shift Out of Luck (Kilhaven Police 3) - March

Kilhaven Police 4 - December

Brock Bloodworth on Amazon

H. Claire Taylor

Jessica Christ 7 - Christmas

H. Claire Taylor on Amazon

New in 2018

Nova Nelson

Crossing Over Easy (Eastwind Witches 1)

Death Metal (Eastwind Witches 2)

Third Knock the Charm (Eastwind Witches 3)

Queso de los Muertos (Eastwind Witches 4)

Psych-Out (Eastwind Witches 5)

Gone Witch (Eastwind Witches 6)

Love Spells Trouble (Eastwind Witches 7)

Storm a-Brewin’ (Eastwind Witches 8)

Hallow’s Faire in Love and War (Eastwind Witches 9)

Brock Bloodworth

Same Old Shift (Kilhaven Police 2)

H. Claire Taylor

In the Details (Jessica Christ 6)